Life in threat: Lift stucking cases in two societies, Aastha Greens and Nirala Estate

Greater Noida West: In Aastha Greens Society, Greater Noida West, two people and two children were stuck in a lift for about an hour on June 5, 2024, Wednesday night. According to the information received, the incident took place in Tower 3 of the society.

Know what happened

At around 9 o’clock, Dash Agarwal, Ian Dang and two children were going up in the lift. Then suddenly the lift stopped. Pressing the alarm button of the lift did not help. Even after a lot of effort from inside the lift, the lift door did not open. Then children started crying after being stuck inside the lift for a long time. The residents informed the guard after hearing the sound of crying from inside the lift. It took about half an hour for the guard to open the lift. After a lot of hard work, the people trapped in the lift were taken out.
Residents have accused the maintenance team of negligence for this incident. The residents have also complained to the district administration against the builder.

Lift stuck in Nirala Estate twice

In Nirala Estate Society, Greater Noida West, the lift was stuck in Tower-9 on June 4, 2024, Tuesday night wherein a woman and a child were stuck in the lift for about half an hour. Same thing happened in tower 4 on June 6, 2024, when a woman (65) along with a 2-year-old child were stuck for more than one and a half hours.

Lift stuck case number 1

Sandeep Tripathi, who lives on the seventh floor of Tower-9 of Nirala Estate Society in Greater Noida West, says, “Tuesday late night at 11 o’clock, his wife and child were stuck in the lift for about half an hour but no help was received from the maintenance team. Sandeep Tripathi said that his wife came to the seventh floor with her son from the ground floor. The lift reached the seventh floor but the lift door did not open. Despite a lot of effort from inside the lift, neither the door opened nor the lift was going up or down. No one came to help even after ringing the alarm. Even after informing the maintenance team on the phone, no one came to help. On informing the tower guard on the phone he reached with the lift key along with 2-3 other guards but the lift door did not open. After a lot of effort and hard work, the woman and child stuck in the lift came out. The child was in a bad condition due to crying inside the lift. After the incident, the society residents are very angry with the maintenance team.

Lift stuck case number 2

On June 6, 2024, Thursday afternoon, the lift got stuck in Tower 4 of the same society. An elderly woman was stuck in the lift with her 2-year-old child for more than an hour. Ankit Kumar Gupta, who lives on the 12th floor of Tower 4, said that his 65-year-old mother was going up in the lift with his 2-year-old child in the afternoon. Suddenly the power went off. The lift got stuck due to the power outage. After the power went out, DG backup started but the lift remained stuck. Even after a lot of effort to open the lift door, it did not open. Even after ringing the alarm, no one came to help. Meanwhile, when the tower guard looked at the CCTV camera screen, he came to know that the lift was stuck. The guard came to help with the lift key. After about half an hour of hard work, the woman and the child were taken out of the lift.


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