Greater Noida West: Formation of AOA in Ajnara Homes

Elections for the Apartment Owners Association (AOA) in Ajnara Homes Society were held on October, 8. 2023. Chandan Sinha was elected unopposed for the post of President, while elections were held for other office bearers and executive members in which Subodh Kumar Singh was victorious for the post of Vice-President, Deepchand for Secretary and Bhupendra Singh was victorious for the post of Treasurer. Among the executive members, Aditya Agarwal, Alok Kumar, Shashi Ranjan Kumar, Sunil Kumar Agarwal, Tripathi and Vijay Kumar Sharma were declared winners.

Apartment Times contacted the newly elected AOA president Chandan Sinha. We asked him about the key areas where he will work on priority.

‘First and foremost to get the handover from the builder’

The builder promised facilities and we never received those facilities. So the first and foremost duty will be to get the AOA registered. As soon as the building gets registered we will get the handover. There is a huge urge to bid goodbye to the builder. There are lot of work needed to be done. Residents money should be spent on them.

‘Kids needs a dedicated play area’

The kid’s area is incomplete. Those kids who were 6-7 years that time are now turned adolescents. What is the use of kids’ play area to them now? But still, we will work so that at least other kids can take benefit of the play area. We have to struggle to get it developed.

‘The structure needs repair’

Every day the building is getting worse. The reason behind this is that the joints are not repaired. This is a podium-based society. All the waterlogging is weakening the base of society. the structure is damaged and there is seepage and leakage in the whole society which needs urgent repair. This is on our priority list to get the extension joints repaired.’The structure needs repair

Club is incomplete

There are no proper recreational and entertainment facilities available for the residents of the society. To get the club open and facilities started, we will keep it on an urgent basis.

No allocated parking in the society

that the builder’s construction material is lying everywhere plus there is garbage in the basement. There are two basements and not even properly constructed. There is lots of swamp and water collected over many years. To be noted there are lots of dengue cases already in our society.

Incomplete gate / No beautification
There is a lot of garbage in front of the gate under N TOWER. The ramp is undeveloped there is no beautification work done so far. One ramp is yet incomplete. So we will work towards this too.

‘Incomplete basketball/ football court

We got the cementing work done recently now the rubber padding, Painting etc needs to be done. Residents have lots of hope and we are here to make optimum utilisation of their CAM charges.

AOA will be in action once it gets the registration

Chandan Sinha says, “As the handover is received, we will start aforesaid work. There are one or two plumbers in the society. When they are needed to fix an issue, it takes 15-20 days for a plumber to come and fix the issue. By this time 99% get it fixed on their own.

List of the winning candidates
Chandan Sinha – President
Subodh Kumar Singh – Vice President
Deepchand Gupta – Secretary
Bhupendra Singh – Treasurer
Other members

Sunil Kumar Tripathi – Executive Member
Aditya Aggarwal – Executive Member
Alok Kumar – Executive Member
Vijay Kumar Sharma – Executive Member
Shashi Ranjan Kumar – Executive Member
Sunil Kumar Agarwal – Executive Member



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