Eros Sampoornam: Again lift stuck, third time in a week!

Greater Noida West: For the third time, the lift got stuck in Eros Sampoornam, Tech Zone 4, Grenowest. The lift got stuck for the third time in the same week. A person was stuck in the lift for about 10-15 minutes. Residents are constantly facing lift-related problems.

AOA and maintenance team unapathetic

Surjeet Singh, a Resident says, “Often people are stuck in the lift for 10 to 20 minutes and sometimes the lift also falls with variable speeds. Such incidents are life-threatening. However, the Apartment Owners Association and Eros Maintenance Team remain silent on this issue. They are not taking any action to fix the lift.”

How did the incident take place?

Chandan Singh, a Resident says, “Ashok was stuck in the service lift of Tower G-1 for 10 minutes and then the lift fell with a jerk. Later he was rescued with the help of the maintenance team. These frequent incidents have become a matter of great concern for the residents.”

1500 Residents’ lives at risk

More than 1500 people live in Eros Sampoornam Housing Society who believe that the Greater Noida Authority or the concerned authorities need to take immediate cognizance of this issue before any major accident occurs.


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