Water Contamination: Cases of acute diarrhoea are uncontrollable in Ace City, a free camp for residents when the damage has already been done

Greater Noida West: The increasing cases of diarrhoea in Greater Noida West have also hit Ace City Society. Seeing the residents falling ill one by one in every flat, the AOA took action and got the water quality tested. More than 200 people have fallen ill to date and are suffering from vomiting and other stomach problems. A free medical camp has been organised to solve the problem, but residents ask what is the sense of doing it now when the damage has already been done.

Authority tankers and private tankers are responsible for the deterioration of health

Ace City residents informed Apartment Times, “A few days ago, the motor of the authority’s pump house had broken down, due to which water was supplied to the society through the authority’s tanker as well as private tankers. Since then their health has started deteriorating.”

Know the whole matter

The residents of Ace City, Grenowest allege that the water tanks have not been cleaned for a long time. In such a situation, people fall ill after drinking contaminated water. Atmaram Rathore, a Resident says, “More than 2500 families live in the society and since last week, we are suffering from the problem of diarrhoea. People are complaining of vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach ache on the society’s WhatsApp group.”

AOA President denies the fact that water is contaminated

Nitin Sharma, AOA President says, ” Water has nothing to do with residents falling ill. Diarrhoea patients are increasing across the country due to increasing heat. Based on people’s complaints, samples of water have been sent to two labs for testing. The report of one lab has revealed TDS 410 while the report of the other lab is yet to come. The roster for cleaning the tanks in the towers has been issued.”

The AOA President arranged free medical camp

Nitin Sharma says, “Residents are now being monitored and treated by doctors. Besides, people of the housing society are also being made aware of the measures to prevent diarrhoea.”

On this, residents have alleged that the hospital just needs promotion every time and this hospital which has come for so called free treatment, does nothing but always asks to visit the hospital for further check up, they are here only for promotion and costly treatments.


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