Ganga Jal Water Supply: Lakhs of residents outcrying daily for a single drop of water, who will save us say Greater Noida Residents

Greater Noida: It has been one and half years since the Gangajal Water pipeline was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. The irony is that, still, the residents of Greater Noida yearn for every drop of Ganga water and there is an outcry for water all over in NCR.

Lakhs of citizens are raising their voices

The residents of Greater Noida are raising their voices as they are going unheard. They have raised slogans against the Greater Noida Authority City residents raised slogans against Greater Noida Authority.

Ganga Jal water pipeline keeps bursting

Harinder Bhati, resident of Greater Noida and founder of the Active Citizens team informs us, ” Whenever Ganga water is released, the pipelines burst, be it Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, KP. The main pipelines outside sectors – 1, KP-2, KP-3, etc. are almost 15 years old and whenever Ganga water is released, this dilapidated line of Ganga water bursts from somewhere.”

Pipelines not up to the mark

Residents claim that it might be that these pipelines are insufficient and their quality does not match proper standards.

‘It is a fundamental right to have the cleanest water’

Harinder Bhati says, “The right to clean water is guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India and no one can be deprived of it. The water right has been protected as a fundamental human right by the Supreme Court of India under the Right to Life guarantee under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution.”

Furthur, The residents of Greater Noida along with the Active team requests the CEO of Greater Noida Authority to eliminate the difficulties in the Ganga water project and remove the shortcomings of the pipelines and provide Ganga water to all the sectors and societies as soon as possible.


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