Crime News: Theft is common in high rise nowadays, a question on the security system

Greater Noida: A bike was stolen in broad daylight from Migson Twinz Society located in Eta-2, Greater Noida, despite maintenance personnel being present and the maintenance man kept sleeping with his eyes closed.

Failed security personnel, unable to do anything 

People pay huge bucks just for the prime concern which is safety and security. But what to do when every day there is a security lapse? This bike belonged to Mohan Singh who works as an NPCL officer. He says, “Bike was parked in the parking lot of the society and an unknown person boldly entered the society and stole my bike. The security of the society was not able to stop him when he stole my bike.”

Not the first time, same incident happened 3 months back

Mohan says, “The security of the society was not able to stop him when he was coming or catch him when he was leaving. and a similar incident had happened 3 months ago but despite, not learning from it, incident was repeated.

‘Negligence of Migsun Builder’

Residents of the Migsun group are accusing the builder by saying that it is his fault. People of the city like to live in the gated societies so that they get good security. For this, the builders charge a huge amount as maintenance but due to the negligence of the Migson builder, it has become difficult for the people to live in the society. Every day some incident or the other happens. Incidents keep multiplying but the builder’s eyes remain shut. It seems as if the builder is waiting for some big incident to happen. There is a lot of anger among the people here towards Sunil Miglani, Yash Miglani, Surendra Arora, Rahul Sharma and the maintenance agency working here.


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