Shri Ram Residency: Attention Ghaziabad Development Authority, this society needs a structural audit

Indirapuram: The Shri Rami Residency of Indirapuram, Ahimsa Khand 2, needs a structural audit on an emergency basis. The AOA of this society has expressed serious concerns and has written a letter to the CEO of the  Ghaziabad Development Authority.

No NOC was given by the builder to the AOA

The AOA of this society is performing its duties in utter dilemma. Kamal Manchanda, Secretary informs Apartment Times that The possession was given in the year 2007 and the AOA was formed in 2012. Unfortunately, to date the proper documentation work is incomplete and the proper handover work is pending from the builder’s messers perfectly structured private limited. They are still waiting for the NOC.

AOA has stopped taking maintenance from old age people

Kamal Manchada informs, “There are many aged and ill residents in the society who need special care. Keeping them in concern, the AOA has stopped taking maintenance from them and very soon they will be forced to hand over the keys of the AOA office to the concerned person of the builder.

Residents’ maintenance amount due from the 4 promoters who are self-declared mafia of society

Kamal Manchanda, Secretary informs there are relatives of the builder who are staying in the flats of the society, they do not consider themselves as the flat owners, but as society owners. Their behaviour is arrogant and bossy. These are those defaulters who have never paid any maintenance charges, among 4 of them are those whose 27,000000 Rupee is pending since April 30th.

There are 55 flats in the society

35 lakh rupees is pending. It is said that there is no money for the repair work and other essential work. Kamal Manchanda informs, ” There is a very pitiable condition of the society, it can fall anytime, The structure has loosened its grip the lift is in a deplorable state which can fall anytime. Generators are not working, the other lift can also stop working anytime. residents have stopped paying the maintenance by seeing others that they are not paying.


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