Saya Gold Avenue : People fell ill after drinking water, dirty water flowing in taps of the houses for three days

Ghaziabad: In Saya Gold Avenue society, Indirapurm, a case of water contamination has been reported. More than 200 residents are falling ill after drinking the contaminated water. It is assumed that the drinkable water has somehow got mixed with the sewer water and this is the reason people are falling ill drastically. This is a serious matter of negligence. Residents of society are in great anger as the builder is responsible for maintenance and they are apathetic to the gravity of this situation.

Health team is testing the water

Following the complaint, the health department team that came to test this water was made to wait at the gate by the security staff. After the intervention of the residents, the health department team could reach the society. Now the team is testing the water. People allege that the builder did not clean water tanks. Dirty water has been flowing in taps for three days.

Children are suffering from diarrhoea, stomach ache etc

Initially, people did not know why people were falling ill, but later when information was sought, it was found that more than 200 people in the society had fallen ill due to drinking contaminated water. People are creating a huge protest against this in the society on Friday. People say that children are suffering from vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach ache and other problems. There are more than 1500 flats in the society. The builder is in charge of its maintenance.

When we tried to contact the maintenance office, they were unavailable.


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