Geological Survey of India and Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation lead massive cleanliness campaign across India

KOLKATA: In a massive nationwide cleanliness drive organized by the Geological Survey of India (GSI), employees and volunteers gathered at thirty public locations and GSI offices throughout the country on October 1, 2023. This event was part of the Government of India’s nationwide swachhata (cleanliness) campaign, known as “Ek-Tareekh-Ek-Ghanta-Ek-Saath,” translating to “one hour of Shramdaan-for-Swachhata through community participation.”
Additionally, the staff of the Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation, under the Ministry of Culture, actively participated by cleaning the BD Market area and Salt Lake SD Hospital on the same day. Armed with brooms, gloves, and dustbins, they collected both dry and wet waste from market areas and hospitals and disposed of them properly at designated garbage collection centers managed by the Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation.
In addition to the cleaning activities, the campaign aimed to raise awareness about cleanliness, health, and hygiene, with a particular focus on combating Dengue. This awareness drive extended to the residents of CD Block in Salt Lake.
The thirty locations chosen for the Shramdaan events by GSI were diverse public places, distributed across the country, from Srinagar in the north to Trivandrum in the south, and from Gujarat in the west to Itanagar in the east. These locations included markets, temples, bus stands, residential colonies, office complexes, public parks, gardens, national monuments, and geo-heritage sites.
Leading up to this nationwide event, GSI employees had already initiated cleaning efforts at all their offices, including field and outstation offices, drilling and prospecting camps, field training centers, and more. They also organized various swachhata events such as Swachhata Walk, campus cleaning, plantation drives, distribution of sanitation kits to volunteers, and health camps, all in the spirit of the Swachh Bharat Mission.
On October 1st, the one-hour Shramdaan program, conducted from 10 AM to 11 AM, was carried out with enthusiasm across all thirty sites and GSI offices. GSI employees and local residents actively participated in the extensive cleaning work, with civic authorities, eminent personalities, MPs, MLAs, and Ministry of Mines representatives joining the volunteers in most locations.
Special cleaning and awareness programs were also held at two geo-heritage sites, Rahioli Dinosaur Park in Balasinor, Gujarat, and Khandagiri Hills in Odisha. These programs aimed to sensitize local communities about the importance of cleanliness in daily life and the preservation of geo-heritage sites and geological monuments. The Honorable Governor of Odisha, Professor Ganeshi Lal, took part in the cleaning work at the Khandagiri site.
At the GSI Faridabad location, Secretary of the Ministry of Mines, V.L. Kantha Rao, presided over the proceedings and actively participated in Shramdaan for Swachhata. Joint Secretaries Dr. Veena Kumari D and Farida M Naik from the Ministry of Mines were also part of the SHS2023 campaign at GSI Delhi and GSI Chandigarh, respectively.
The GSI Headquarters in Kolkata inaugurated the event at 09:30 AM with Director General Shri Janardan Prasad, along with about 500 swachhata volunteers from GSI and the local community. Alok Das, a renowned former Indian National Team footballer and the Chief Guest, wished success to all volunteers and urged them to make cleanliness a way of life. He emphasized the vital role of cleanliness in maintaining physical and mental well-being and its contribution to society’s progress.
After distributing sanitation kits among volunteers, Shramdaan for swachhata began at 10 AM, with three teams earnestly cleaning the premises and surroundings of various buildings. The collected garbage was handed over to local municipal authorities.
Dipanjan Chatterjee, Project Officer of the National Mission on Libraries, expressed, “As a part of SHS, we are performing various activities to make our country garbage-free. We shall organize an awareness campaign tomorrow, where Government Medical Officers will advise us on how to protect ourselves against Dengue. Public Library Professionals from all over the country will join the program virtually.”
Officials from the Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation, including Subimal Mukhuty, Deputy Director, Papri Chakraborty, Assistant Director, Gopal Mukherjee, Section Officer, and Dipanjan Chatterjee, Project Officer, were present during the event.
The nationwide cleanliness campaign showcased the commitment of government organizations and employees towards achieving a cleaner and healthier India.

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