Water Crisis: Gaur City residents are troubled by the shortage of water

Greater Noida West: GreNo authority is under question as residents allege it is pure negligence of officials. In this hot humid weather when everyone needs something chilled to keep themselves hydrated, there is a severe water shortage going on in the societies of Greater Noida West. There has been a water problem in Gaur City 12th Avenue since Tuesday, due to which there is an outcry among the people. Empty taps have increased anger among the residents.

1300 people are suffering every day due to this water crisis

Residents of 12th Avenue located in Gaur City say that on top of the heat, they are now facing the problem of water. Suffering residents allege that there is inadequacy in the water supplied by the Greater Noida Authority. More than 1300 families live here and they are suffering each day.

No action was taken by the Greater Noida Authority

These society residents say, “The Greater Noida Authority has been continuously informed about the water problem, but till now no concrete step has been taken in this direction.”

Residents are forced to get water tankers

The residents of Gaur City’s 12th Avenue are forced to get the water from outside by paying huge bucks. Residents allege that providing this basic necessity is the prime duty of Greater Authority. Send water tankers is also the authority’s responsibility but they are not concerned with the pains of residents.

This is not the problem of one society

There is a problem with water in most of the societies of Greater Noida West. Every day people here remain troubled due to the water supply.

Appeal to the Greater Noida Authority to address this basic issue ASAP


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