Gangajal water supply: Angry residents of Noida write letter to the Greater Noida Authority CEO demanding action

Greater Noida: The residents of Greater Noida are in utter grief and are in deep despair, as they had high hopes when the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh inaugurated the pipeline of Ganga Jal for daily water supply in Greater Noida City but this proved a futile dream, as nothing has started yet.

Residents have written letters to the authorities but in vain

The problem of drinking water looms large in the city, yet the project of Ganga water supply seems to have halted for no reason. Weather the cause of this delay lies in inefficiency of the executing team or a deliberate conspiracy remains a question. But the non completion of this drinking water project is definitely bearing consequences of tarnishing image of government and is reflecting huge wastage of resources, both money and time.

Know what the letter states

Harendra Bhati, a Resident of Greater Noida writes, “I want to inform you that the Ganga water project was inaugurated by the Honorable Chief Minister in Greater Noida city on November 1, 2022, about which all the city residents were very happy. Hopes grew that Ganga water will come to every home in our city but due to the laxity of contractors and some officials of the authority this just remained in books and thoughts. The project was unsuccessful. The image of the Chief Minister is also being affected. Residents of the city say that it is all a false pretence, they come here just to make a name, otherwise, no work is done at the ground level.”

He further says, “The workers who were involved in this work should be enquired about why this work was not done properly, why the lines burst every day, why the right quality material was not used in this work.?”

Non-completion of the dream project

The non-execution of the action plan even after so many months raises questions about the working capacity of the officers associated with the scheme. The image of the government is also being effected due to the non-completion of the dream project of the government and the Chief Minister on time.

One and half years and the project is yet to be completed

Harendra says, ” Even after one and a half years of its inauguration, Ganga water is not being supplied in Greater Noida. Millions of citizens yearned for every drop. There is a hue and cry everywhere for water.
On November 1, 2022, inauguration of this project by Honorable CM Yogi Adityanath ji, the process of providing Ganga water to the entire Greater Noida city was started in the presence of two regional MPs and three MLAs. The then GNIDA CEO was robbed of the credit for providing Ganga water to the entire city.”


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