‘Enjoyed Seeing Myself Dance…’: As PM Modi Endorses Poll Humour, BJP Takes A Meme Jibe At Mamata

Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared on Monday that he “enjoyed” watching himself dance in response to a parody video of him dancing. He found the “poll humour” amusing in light of the current Lok Sabha elections.

“Like everyone else, I found it entertaining to watch myself dance. It’s really delightful to see such inventiveness during election season! The Prime Minister wrote on X, “#PollHumour.”

PM Modi’s response comes only hours after the identical parody video, which showed Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, dancing, went viral on social media.

A social media user was asked to reveal their name by Kolkata Police after the chief of the Trinamool Congress made a parody video that went viral. According to the state police, noncompliance may lead to legal action under Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) section 42.

The demand by the Kolkata police was met with significant opposition from the BJP, which claimed that the state police had “more pressing issues on hand, rather than act like Mamata Banerjee’s doormat.”

Amit Malviya, the head of the BJP IT Cell, added that the Election Commission of India ought to be aware of the “voter intimidation by Kolkata Police.” He further mentioned that this is the same state police that harassed a university professor on WhatsApp for sharing a cartoon of Mamata Banerjee, at the chief minister of Bengal’s request.

Meanwhile, the Bengal unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party poked fun at Mamata Banerjee and contrasted the approaches taken by the two leaders in handling the crisis.

The Bengal BJP wrote on X, urging Kolkata cops to “grow up!” and saying, “Two sides of the coin: PM finds joy in the video, while Mamata’s police resort to threats and deletion over a similar tweet.”


Married to BJP MP Kirron Kher, actor Anupam Kher reshared PM Modi’s post with the caption “Jai Ho!”
Kangana Ranaut, the BJP’s nominee for Mandi, responded, “This is called taking a chill pill.”

Mamta didi ji, this is known as taking a chill pill. You know, hamesha gusse mein rehti hai, bachchon ne aapka dance meme kya bana diya, aap toh unko jail mein daalne lagi. How ridiculous of you! I’m sorry, but you come out as too stiff, uncool, and uptight. This link: t.co/duaS2WBNu7May 6, 2024, Kangana Ranaut (Modi Ka Parivar) (@KanganaTeam)

“Mamta didi ji this is called taking a chill pill, you should also be like this sometimes,” Ranaut added, taking a jab at TMC president Mamata Banerjee. You are constantly upset and prepared to put the children who created your dancing video meme in jail. How incredibly uncool of you! I’m sorry, but you come out as too stiff, uncool, and uptight.

In response to PM Modi’s repost on X, Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma exclaimed, “My PM, My Pride!”


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