Uncontrolled Dog Attacks: Stray dogs attack 6-year-old child, society residents raise their demands in police station

Noida: Dog bite cases are uncontrolled in Noida these days. Nothing is working, neither the efforts of residents nor that of the authority and no one is capable of controlling the attacks. Every day new scene is created and everyday life is in danger.

A 6-year-old child was attacked by stray dogs inside the society

A 6-year-old child was attacked by stray dogs inside the society after which the residents became angry. Society people have demanded action against dog lovers. Residents of Pan Oasis Housing Society, Sector 70 created a ruckus at the police station. The matter was regarding stray dogs. However, the police quelled the uproar and sent people back home.

Know the whole matter

On May 2, 2024, Thursday, a child of about 6 years of age was roaming in Pan Oasis Society. During that time, stray dogs attacked him. The child suffered minor injuries in this incident. After which the child’s family became angry. A crowd of residents gathered. The public first created a ruckus inside the society and then reached the police station.

Many videos of the uproar are going viral on social media

Many videos of this incident and the uproar in the police station are going viral. It is seen that people were first raising their issues within the society and raising their voices in the police station with their demands. People say that they have no problem with pet dogs, but do not want to see stray dogs in society.

The police heard them diligently and asked them to go back home

Residents explained the terror of stray dogs and shared their personal experiences with the police. Some children and some women living in society have been made victims of stray dogs.

Official statement of Noida Police

In this incident, Vijay Kumar, Police In Charge, Phase 3 says, “Dog lovers and the other party had come to the police station. Both of them expressed their views. Both the parties were pacified by the police and sent back home.”
He further says, “The residents of the society put their demands before the police. Residents said that no food should be given to stray dogs within the society. Police have reached a compromise between both parties”


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