Bomb blast dilemma: After a day of serious bomb threats, schools are back in normal mode

Noida: All schools in Noida, Greater Noida and Greno West reopened on time as usual. School management and parents heaved a sigh of relief after the threatening email message received by Delhi NCR schools on Wednesday was declared fake.

Classes were conducted normally in all the schools of Greno West like DPS, Aster, Sambhav, Pacific, Ryan etc. on Thursday.

Manju Verma, Principal, DPS KP V informed us that all the classes have been conducted as usual. All the students have come to school as usual. The school management is responsible for the safety of the students. An investigation campaign was conducted in the entire school by the school management, in which nothing suspicious was found. Parents have also praised the school management for handling the situation well even in emergencies.”

Preeti Verma, Principal, of Aster Public School, Delta 2, says, “All the classes in the school are being conducted in offline mode. Students from pre-primary to 12th have come to the school. Students coming by buses have come by bus and students coming on their own have also come. The situation is completely normal.”


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