Crime Alert: Weekly markets are a boon for thieves, Chain snatching took place, twice in a week near Ace Aspire

Greater Noida West: Weekly markets are a boon for many as they get fresh fruits and vegetables near their society. But what if crime takes place? This market is proving to be a curse as this is the 2nd time in a row, that chain snatching has happened with the residents of Ace Aspire while purchasing fruits and vegetables. Last week also the same episode of snatching happened. Residents are asking “Where is the Police?”

Complaint against the bike riding chain snatchers

Bike-riding miscreants snatched the chain from a resident of Ace Aspire Society of Greater Noida West and fled. A complaint has been lodged in Bisrakh police station. Bisrakh police station is investigating the matter. Last week also a chain snatching happened from a society resident in the weekly market.

Pratul Singhal, Victim, Ace Aspire Society resident had gone with his wife to buy vegetables from the market outside the society on June 7, 2024, Friday night. They were returning after buying vegetables. As soon as he reached the gate, a miscreant on a bike snatched the gold chain from his neck and fled. After the chain snatching incident, a crowd of people gathered and protested against the poor arrangement of the police.

The society residents informed Apartment Times, that the road around the society becomes deserted at night. Due to this some incidents keep happening daily at night. The society residents have many a times requested the Bisrakh police station to deploy police around the society at night, but after one or two deployments, the deployment stops. This area around the society comes under the category of dark spot of Greater Noida West. Bisrakh police have also encountered many miscreants on the deserted road near the society.

Arvind Kumar, Kotwali in-charge, says, ” A case has been registered on the complaint of the victim. The police are searching for the robbers. The CCTV footage is being checked to identify the robbers. The evildoers were seen in the CCTV installed at the gate of the society, but the bike number is not visible. Police patrolling has been increased around the society.

What happened last week

Last week, in the weekly market, Saraswati Devi, a resident of D-Tower went to the market to buy fruits and vegetables, the evildoers snatched her chain and fled. The snatching incident took place at some distance from the society gate. The victim has complained to Bisrakh police station.

Bisrakh police station in-charge Arvind Kumar said that information about the chain snatching incident has been received. Based on the complaint, an FIR has been registered and action is being taken. He says that a police team was deployed last night too but no success was achieved. The gang will be arrested and sent to jail very soon.


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