China Company Unhappy Leaves Policy: Feeling blue? Chinese company now offers 10 leaves for employees who are feeling unhappy |

A Chinese corporation has stated that its employees would be allowed to take time off on days when they are feeling down. This comes at a time when the hustle and grind culture is prevalent and frequently results in workplace discontent and burnout for many people. The South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports that China’s retail mogul launched a new policy for his workers that seeks to improve work-life balance.
Founder and Chairman of Pang Dong Lai Yu Donglai recently announced that his staff members can now request ten days of leave if they are feeling overworked or too dissatisfied. These “unhappy leaves” are in addition to the employees’ regular yearly leave of 20 to 40 days and their weekend vacation time.

“Everyone experiences unhappy moments from time to time, so please don’t come to work if you’re unhappy.Management cannot refuse this leave. According to sources, business mogul Yu Donglai stated, “Denial is a violation.” Donglai went on to remark, “We do not want to be big,” in response to the necessity of taking such action. We desire a healthy and contented life for our staff members, as this will benefit the organization as a whole. Love and freedom are really valuable.”

It is reported that more than 65% of Chinese workers reported feeling either exhausted or dissatisfied at work in a poll conducted in 2021 regarding workplace anxiety in the nation.

This change that Donglai made to his business has been well-received by users worldwide as well as by Chinese citizens on social media platforms like Weibo. Donglai’s progressive approach to achieving a better work-life balance has received a lot of praise, particularly at this time when stress and mental health issues are major subjects of conversation.

Donglai has previously taken action to improve workplaces and work-life balance. He denounced extended working hours, saying that “making staff work overtime is unethical and an expropriation of other people’s opportunities for growth.”

It is known that in 2023, Infosys founder Narayana Murthy caused quite a stir in India with his remarks about working seventy hours a week. While many industry insiders viewed his philosophy as backward in the digital age, others expressed support for it.


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