Gaur City: Again! Chaos in High Rise due to the DOG !!!

The cases of frequent dog attacks are taking the nerve of the community and are back to back taking place in the societies of Delhi NCR. This is surprising that there are two clans divided in the name of Dogs, one is a dog lover and the other is a dog hater.

The whole community is divided into these two and everyone is suffering due to this somehow or the other. The latest case is of Gaur City’s 7 Avenue where the dog owner for getting inside the lift forcefully in the lift even after hearing the shrill cry of the boy who was already in the lift! Even after the constant requests, he was adamant to go in that particular lift. Knowing that there were many ways to commute, he was adamant about using that particular lift.

‘The guard did his duty well, stopped the guy but he was adamant’

Residents of 7th Avenue allege that the guard was doing his duty well. When the guard was constantly stopping him why he did not stop? In the video, it is seen that he was yelling at the woman. Women repeatedly asked him to go from another lift, but he was not listening. The dog was muzzled, but the kid was afraid.

Just a piece of advice became a topic of debate

On watching the video, it is seen that the Dog lover was standing for the lift and there is no doubt that the dog was muzzled and chained properly, but the concern is that the kid was scared. When it was suggested by the lady that kindly take the other lift, he denied that by conveying that he was muzzled and would not attack. This particular thing became a debate and the quarrel began.

‘Those who are scared should come out of the lift’

The dog owner was seen yelling that the scared one could come out of the lift and use another lift. This particular statement has given air to the fire. There are residents of Greater Noida West who have started saying this.

The dog owner took a second lift after knowing that the video had been made

After this, the Dog owner starts arguing with the security guard, and after some time when the second lift arrives, the young man is seen leaving from that lift. When the woman asked the young man about his flat number, he replied that his face had been seen, so what would you do with the flat number?

Community Reacts-
Joginder says, “Those who keep dogs and feed stray dogs on the roads consider themselves to have a special status that no matter what they do, no one will be able to stop them.
Strict legal action is not necessary to straighten their minds.”

Mihir Gautam says, ” Why do these pet owners remain infuriated all the time?”

Vivek says, “Sunaney Wale to bahut h.. samjhne aur samjhane Wale Kam.”

Manish says, ” We are tired of these everyday scenes. Wish to rent out our property and set somewhere life is easy.’

Rahul says, “The dog was muzzled, and definitely would not harm anyone. But yes the kid was scared so that should be taken into concern.”

Rishit says, “What is the phobia with citizens nowadays? I am sure they just find ways to create tussles. Dogs are not human or what? People just want to create problems anyhow. So this is the issue, not the dog”

Earlier, a video of AIIMS Golf Avenue Housing Society located in Sector-75, Noida had gone viral in which a girl grabbed a man by his collar and assaulted him.

read it here-



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