CBSE aims to bridge gap between school & higher education institutes

INDORE: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) director of academics Dr Joseph Emmanuel on Tuesday stressed the importance of bridging the gap between school education and higher education institutions to address the challenge posed by the multidisciplinary education aspect of National Education Policy 2020.
“The biggest gap we face now is to be in sync with higher education institutions. CBSE offers nearly 200 courses at class 10 and 12 level but students are not in a position to completely avail benefits of these subjects due to restrictions in getting admission to higher education institutions,” Dr Emmanuel said while talking to TOI.
“There is a need for alignment between these two educational tiers, underlining the challenge of students with unconventional subject combinations being unable to find suitable courses at higher education level,” said Emmanuel.
The CBSE director of academics was in Indore for G20 state-level summit on life skills, mental health, safety and well-being at Daly College.
He emphasized the need for CBSE to align its offerings with NEP 2020 principles of equity, excellence, accessibility, and inclusivity. “The implementation of NEP 2020 will be gradual, with a focus on four key areas in stage one: teaching and learning practices, assessment reforms, capacity building of teachers, and systemic reforms for evaluating students and schools,” Emmanuel said.
“The concept of a holistic progress card will be introduced emphasizing learner, parent, and teacher involvement in a 360-degree evaluation for learning support,” he said.
CBSE is also set to introduce courses in robotics and drone technology, aligning with the dynamic landscape of technological advancements.
“We are trying to add courses on robotics and drone technology. Although, as a part of ATAL mission, robotics is being covered to certain extent but as a course we will be introducing it officially in the coming years along with drone technology,” CBSE director of training and skill education Dr Biswajit Saha said while talking to TOI.
In an effort to expose students to cutting-edge skills, CBSE has also collaborated with National Stock Exchange and many tech giants, including initiatives in augmented reality and virtual reality.
“The government is emphasizing on skill education at middle school level. CBSE has already introduced 33 skill modules, including gardening, tourism, and khadi, aiming to equip students with at least one skill set during their middle to senior classes. Students pursuing skill courses will earn transferrable credits under National Credit Framework when pursuing higher education,” Saha said.

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