C-Vigil app launched for poll code violation complaints

Leading authorities announced on Friday that the Gautam Budh Nagar administration has released an app called C-Vigil, which allows users to report violations of the model code of conduct.

static investigation teams

Around the district, searches are being carried out by flying squads and static investigation teams to stop the unlawful distribution of money, alcohol, and other goodies intended to entice voters.

“Complaints about violation of model code of conduct can be made on C-Vigil app, available on Play Store and iStore, by uploading a live photo or live video of a violation,” stated Manish Kumar Verma, district magistrate and district election officer for Gautam Budh Nagar district. After that, the complainant can keep an eye on his complaint on the app continuously.

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It is important to remember that using the C-Vigil app to file a complaint does not require the complainant to provide their name or phone number; but, if they would like to keep track of their complaint on the app, they must provide these details.

After inspecting the C-Vigil room, a team headed by Verma, deputy district election officer Atul Kumar, and additional district magistrate Bhairpal Singh gave authorities a 100-minute window in which to address any issues.

In an effort to stop the unlawful distribution of money, alcohol, and other goodies intended to entice voters, flying squads and static investigation teams are searching the entire district. There is constant vehicle inspection. Until the elections are over, these squads will continue to operate, according to officials.

. In the presence of candidates and election agents, as well as members of political parties, the second randomization of EVMs and VVPAT machines was finished on Friday. Political party representatives had access to the booth-by-booth list of electronic voting machines.

EVMs are randomly distributed to various polling places prior to an election in order to guard against potential prejudice or manipulation. By ensuring that there is no predefined pattern in the distribution of VVPAT machines, randomization improves the election’s security and integrity.


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