‘Blueprint For First 100 Days Ready’: PM Modi Reveals Plan For 3rd Term, Seeks 25 Days More With Youth Focus

Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that plans for the first 100 days of his third term were complete and that he intended to extend them by an extra 25 days, with a particular emphasis on the nation’s youth.

In an interview, the prime minister stated that he was motivated to create a 125-day plan after observing the excitement of younger people and first-time voters during his election campaigns.

The Prime Minister, who has argued for a “Viksit Bharat,” or a developed India by 2047, revealed his intention for the nation’s youth to provide ideas and prioritizes in his new plan.

“I want to create a 125-day plan because I am inspired by them.” Already, I have a 100-day plan in place. In a televised interview with India Today, the news outlet, on Thursday, PM Modi expressed his desire to extend the deadline by 25 days.

“I want the youth to be involved and to share their ideas,” he continued. I wish to devote a total of twenty-five days to my nation’s youth. I’m going to do it; I’m going past the 100 days.
In addition, PM Modi informed the TV broadcaster that in creating the outline for the government’s first 100 days of agenda-setting, he solicited feedback from more than 20 lakh individuals nationwide.

In a similar vein, Prime Minister Modi declared on Wednesday that the agenda for the first 100 days of his third term was ready during an electoral rally in Mumbai.
The prime minister announced that his 100-day plan would begin immediately following June 4 in order to prevent any delays in decision-making.

“We are proceeding with a work plan that will be completed after June 4th. People doubt my self-assurance in this regard. Let me tell you, what gives me assurance is not my own confidence but rather the benefits I receive from others,” the PM said.


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