Ghaziabad: Devotees drenched in the immense compassion of Bhagwat Katha at River Heights Society

The residents of River Heights in Ghaziabad are enjoying the epic saga of Shri Bhagwat Katha at river heights society. Everyone is soaking in Krishna bhakti with the immense compassion of Lord Lakshmi Narayan and Banke Bihari Ji.

The world-famous Sanatani Guru katha reciter Gurudev Shri Sukhendra Ji Maharaj showered his blessings on the devotees and everyone’s heart is filled with gratitude. His Holiness Aniruddhacharya Ji Maharaj also came for the recitation of the Katha. This is a matter of sheer pride for everyone in the society.

Sukhend Ji Maharaj described in detail the character of Sati, the character of Dhruva and the character of devotee Prahlad in the story.

Acharya Sukhendra ji’s best friend and disciple, world-famous storyteller Shri Anirudracharya ji Maharaj participated, and a huge crowd gathered to listen to him and get darshan. Maharaj Ji gave a very beautiful explanation of God’s love. And he left the devotees emotional with his hymns.


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