Andhra Pradesh: Irregular bus timings a concern for students of Somalingapuram

VISAKHAPATNAM: Students of Somalingapuram Junior College in Merakamudidam mandal of Vizianagaram district complained that the irregular bus timings have been affecting their attendance at the college. The junior college draws students from about 10 villages located within a range of 10-15 kilometres. However, due to the limited frequency and irregular timings, the students could not reach the college on time, missing several periods every day. Some students in these villages are even discouraged by the insufficient bus services and not joining the college even after passing their class X.
M Gowthami, a student from Badam village, said that missing several periods a day has become a common occurrence for them. “We are missing several important lessons. This in the long term can affect our overall education and outcomes,” said Gowthami.
Aruna, the physics faculty of the college, said that the issue has an impact on both faculty and students. “If the bus services are increased and are provided on time, this would attract even the dropouts to college,” said Aruna.
The students said that they earlier gave representation to government officials, but the issue has not been resolved for them. They request the government to immediately look into the issue.

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