Alia Bhatt takes sari to global stage, stuns in a Sabyasachi drape at Met Gala 2024 |

Alia Bhatt posted a striking black-and-white image of herself silhouetted against the stunning New York cityscape on Instagram earlier today. She teased the audience with a post that said, “Met set go,” implying that she was wearing a gorgeous sari to the gala. Upon the unveiling of the final look, fashion enthusiasts worldwide couldn’t stop admiring the item.Yes, the stunning woman chose a sari instead of a gown for the grand fashion show, leaving Indianns in a state of ecstasy. Here are some specifics regarding her daily appearance!

Bollywood celebrities have brought the sari to the forefront of international fashion by skillfully fusing classic grace with modern flair. Bollywood celebrities have demonstrated the sari’s adaptability and ageless appeal to a global audience by attending important events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Met Gala, and numerous fashion weeks abroad.

These style superstars have redefined the limits of sari fashion, setting trends and winning the respect of fashion aficionados worldwide. Examples of these include Priyanka Chopra’s daring mix of sari and gown, Deepika Padukone’s majestic silk drapes, and Sonam Kapoor’s avant-garde interpretations. Bollywood celebrities, known for their exquisite sense of style and love of trying new things, are still promoting the sari as a sophisticated and culturally proud icon in the global fashion arena.
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