Aims Golf View 1 : Again a fight in the name of a Dog, but this time, it’s different!

Noida: There is a tussle going on in the societies of Delhi NCR, especially in the Noida region about the pet menace. There are clans divided into Pet lovers and Animal haters. In real, these terminologies are set by the community themselves, there is no such term exists. Everyone claims that they love dogs, but just because they do not allow pet lovers to feed inside the premises, they label them as dog haters or animal haters. Well, this time again an odd fight has taken place

What is the matter?

These societies are always in the limelight due to the dog lovers vs. dog haters. Again an incident has taken place in which there is involvement of a missing dog! The fight is just because one wants to keep society clean and one is upset with her lost dog and leaving no stone unturned to find the lost dog.

A viral clip is taking rounds in everyone’s whatsapp

There is a clip going viral which depicts a woman holding the collar of a man and yelling at him. This woman is seen raising her hand at a resident of the society who is the AOA President of this society as well as a leader of a particular political party. The dispute took place in Aims Golf Avenue, Noida Sector 75. The video of the woman’s fight is going viral on social media. After the video went viral, this man made a complaint to the police demanding a case be registered against the woman.

Know what exactly happened

Naveen Mishra, President, Aims Golf Avenue, lives with his family. He alleges that a woman named Aashi Singh resident of this society, had been putting up posters in the entire society for about four days giving information about her lost dog. As Diwali is on the head, the maintenance and repair work is going on everywhere on the premises. Due to their posters being put up, the walls were getting scratched and the paint was getting spoiled. Because of this the security supervisor informed the AOA team.

The AOA team decided to remove the posters

After the decision of the AOA team, the order to remove those posters was given to the maintenance agency and they got those posters removed. When the posters were removed, the woman caught hold of the leader’s collar last night. The video of the incident has gone viral on social media, and Naveen has filed a complaint with the police demanding action.

‘I was just doing my duty to keep Society clean’

Naveen Mishra, AOA President of Aims Golf Avenue says, “This incident took place on 20th September 2023 at 8 pm. I do not know who is this woman. I got the information from the supervisors and complaints from the residents that she has affixed more than 150-200 pamphlets in the society about the missing dog. Lift, lobby, parking, park everywhere the posters were affixed which we removed. This aggravated her anger and she fought with the security guard.”
He continues, ” She began searching for me and when I was doing an evening walk in the park, she came and grabbed my caller after asking me are you Naveen Mishra? Nitin, her companion held my hands and she hit me on my head as you can see in the viral video too. She slapped me, the whole society gathered and everyone supported me.”

Both Parties reached Police Station to file a complaint

At 10:00 p.m., when Naveen Mishra reached Sarfabad Police Station, Sector 113, the lady was sitting there and was filing a complaint against him. Police hear both sides, watched the complete video and are now going to take action very soon.
Naveen Mishra says, “This is a heinous crime. Everyone is asking the police to arrest her.

‘Culprits will be punished, exaggregation will not be permitted’

On this, we contacted the Police of Sector 113. Naveen Tomar, Police In charge, Sarfabad sector 113 says, “We are looking into this matter and have seen the clip multiple times and also have talked with both the parties. We will look at what best can happen, culprit will be punished and ex aggregation will not be permitted.”

Ashi Singh’s statement still awaits

We tried to connect to the lady who was seen beating the president of the society brutally, but she did not responded. We are waiting for her statement but she is not responding to our calls and messages.

Residents of Noida expressed their anger

Manish Tripathi, Divisional Vice President of BJPYM says, “This kind of act from women is not acceptable in our society. If the man is wrong, let the law decide. Who is she to grab the collar of a respectable man, he was doing his ethically right duty. We regret seeing such things happening daily basis just because he is associated with a particular political party?”

Joginder Since, President AOA, Amarapali Silicon, says, “These people give food to stray dogs inside the society and also keep a pet dog for show. These people are trying to take advantage of being a woman and make her do every wrong thing. The administration should take strict action and show that there is rule of law and not jungle raj.”

Sameer Bhardwaj, Resident of Supertech Ecovillage 1 says, “This kind of behavior is condemnable. If this brother had raised his hand, the Women’s Commission would have come into action immediately. This is a wise man, hence he acted very wisely. Now the law should also take its course. Let’s see when the victim gets justice. How long will this hooliganism continue in the name of others?”

Once we get the statement of the lady, we will update our story.



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