Again a security threat in Ajnara Homes, Greater Noida West
1 and a half years old won the battle with life!

Greater Noida West: Ajnara Homes, a premium society situated in Sector 16B of Greater Noida West is once again in the limelight. The life of a child was endangered due to the negligence of the builder and maintenance staff. A toddler named Anamika Mishra who is just a year and a half old, has suffered multiple injuries. On Monday, 18th September 2023, the 50 kg heavy grill fell on her while playing in the lobby of the flat of N tower 20th floor. After this, there is anger among the residents of Greater Noida West towards the mismanagement of the maintenance staff of the Ajnara Homes Society.

Know exactly what happened

The grill which is used to put on the railing to ensure safety, was lying in the lobby area for 5-6 months. Residents allege that they asked maintenance multiple times to remove that idle thing from the floor area for safety reasons. That grill falls on Anamika, a one-and-a-half-year-old girl while playing with her siblings.

Anamika was hospitalised for three days

The family of 6 people were engaged in the pooja ceremony and the small kids who were playing ran towards the gate and opened the main door of the flat all of a sudden all the kids went out. Hearing the shrill cry of the small baby, the family rushed out and found her lying under the grill. They took her to the nearest Yatharth Hospital in Greater Noida West. The child was discharged on the 4th day. Shashi Mishra, Grandmother of Anamika says, “There is a loss of blood and the wounds are much deeper.”

Karishma Mishra, Mother says, “When this incident took place, we were busy in the preparations of Haritalika teej. My sister-in-law and her kids were here for the pooja. Three kids from our family were playing and all of a sudden they went out with my 10-year-old nephew Shaurya Upadhyay, unaware of everything my daughter tried to get the support of the grill, which was lying there in the horizontal position and it fell on her tearing her forehead.”

Ankit says, ” It was blood all over and it was unbearable for me to see my child in such pain. My aged parents forgot everything and rushed to the hospital. The good news for us is that our child is in our hands ALIVE and the bad news is that the doctors have said that there is a risk till 2-3 months.”

‘Purchased flat for security reasons’

Ankit Mishra (Software Engineer) is a resident of Ajnara Homes and owner of a flat in N tower 2004 for a year. Upset with this tragic incident, he shares his pain by saying, “People feel societies are very safe and for security reasons, we purchased flat here, but see this kind of incidents leave us of nowhere.”
he adds, “The grill was 50 kg, if it was lying in the sleeping position it would not have caused any mishap.”

‘It is a miracle but still, Anamika is at risk’

Shashi, Grandmother says, “The situation is in much control now. When this happened we anyhow gained the energy and rushed her to the hospital, or else we would have fainted.”

The parents of Anamika consider it a miracle that her eyes have been saved, but there is a risk just now. Shashi, grandmother says, “The Doctor has asked us to keep bringing her for further treatments as there is a risk just now. We are afraid as she is not able to open her one eye just now.”

‘The grill was not removed even after constant pleadings’

Ankit says in anger, “The grill was lying on the 20th floor for 5-6 months and when nobody came to remove it, I kept it aside thinking that it would be safe to keep it there as the staircase nowadays rarely anyone uses. But again I noticed that someone had come and put it back there.”

Karishma Mishra, Anamika’s Mother asks, “Why the building construction material was lying here when there is no construction work going on? We kept pleading to remove it from here, everyone kept saying that it was not our responsibility and to see who bore the trauma. the innocent child who doesn’t even know how to walk properly?

The family is demanding compensation

On asking about the expenses Shashi, Grandmother of the toddler says, “It is by God’s graciousness that our baby is still in our arms, else that tragic incident could have cut his neck or head too. But we are afraid now. The builder and maintenance are not paying heed to our pains, this incident can repeat with some other kid. Builder and maintenance should bear the expense at least which costs around a lakh rupee.”

The heavy Grill absconds from the place post-incident!

Ankit, father informs us that the heavy grill fell on the little girl, resulting in the floor being full of blood after this incident. He says, “Even the grill was into blood. When the builder and maintenance people came, they took pictures and when we came inside as we were supposed to rush to the hospital, they took away the grill and now it’s hidden somewhere. If they had removed it earlier at this speed, this accident would not have happened.”

Residents of Ajnara Homes expressed their anger
Dinker Pandey, a resident of Ajnara Homes says, “This is the act of sheer negligence. Our society is full of problems be it open shafts, water-clogged drains, incomplete constructions etc. There are also lots of stray dogs in our society.”

Nilofer, neighbour to Ankit Mishra of N tower 20th floor is in a state of dilemma. It was her CCTV footage which went viral and her parents got to know the exact scenario. She says, “I am feeling risky here my son is just 2 years old. If this can happen with Anamika then it can happen with anyone. We cannot keep our kids locked all the time. If they do not make efforts to protect our kids and ensure their safety, it’s sure that we will leave this society. Nothing is more important than our kids.”

she continues, ” Everyday labourers comes here and leave the construction material here. Due to this, this accident took place. There are lots of other threats too, like the open shaft, open wires, broad space between the lift and floor which is inviting other accidents.”

Ganesh Dixit, a resident of Ajnara Homes says, “Safety is the biggest concern in our society, especially around N tower”

Residents of other societies also express their anger
Tushar Capoor, a resident of Mahagun Mywoods says, ” Every society in Greater Noida West is like this only. We pay our hard-earned money daily from prepaid meters and what we get in return is no security and no safety. I request officials to help the residents of Greater Noida West.”

Rahul Garg, a resident of Hawelia Valencia Homes says, “Ajnara builder is turning a blind eye. Greater Noida Authority should take cognizance of the fact that the work has been going on for 10 years now whereas Ajnara builder was supposed to complete the work long ago. It has been written and given. The whole society remains scattered for years. “

Saurabh Sharma, a resident of D block, Sector 3 says, “I am a father of a 7-year-old kid. I had a charm of high rises, but when I saw the deplorable conditions of the societies the rudeness of Maintenance and the Hitler ways of the Flat owners, I decided to move to the independent villa. At least here I will be the whole and sole for everything. If anything happens I will see myself rather than being part of the blame game. “

As far as now, the builder has denied the reimbursement
The aggrieved family is demanding compensation from the JLL builders but they have denied it. As per the family, Both entities are playing the blame game. The project manager says that it’s the loophole of the maintenance so they should pay and the maintenance is paying no heed as well. The family has requested to Police to initiate the action and help in getting reimbursement of the medical bills.

Maintenance and Builders go unanswered!
We were informed by the neighbours that the maintenance and builder are playing the blame game, and are not willing to reimburse the medical expenses to the bereaved family. When we contacted Rajiv Mishra, the estate manager to know his views on this tragic incident, he said that he is sitting in the hospital and not willing to talk ahead and disconnected the call.

The Police met the family today
Police were doing their work and were spotted on the scene. When we asked them about the proceedings, Jitendra Singh, S.I. Bisrakh Police assured us that they are onto this and will see what best can happen. He says, “Parents should be extremely careful about their kids. Rest we are doing our duty well.”


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