‘Aavesham’ actor Fahadh Faasil reveals ADHD diagnosis at 41 | Malayalam Movie News

At the age of 41, Fahadh Faasil disclosed in a recent interview that he has been clinically diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). At the opening of Kothamangalam’s Peace Valley School, which is devoted to the rehabilitation of kids with special needs, Fahadh revealed this admission.

According to On Manorama, Fahadh shared his diagnosis while touring the school.

When he asked whether ADHD is easily treated, he was told that early detection in childhood can result in more successful treatment. He subsequently inquired about the prognosis upon diagnosis at age 41, which resulted in his own diagnosis of the illness.

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In response to his inquiry on how simple it is to cure ADHD, he was informed that early identification in childhood can lead to more effective treatment. When he was diagnosed at age 41, he later asked about the prognosis, which led to him making his own diagnosis of the disease.

In his address to the Peace Valley School, Fahadh stressed the value of early detection and treatment of ADHD. He noted that many in the arts and other sectors have benefited from ADHD’s nonlinear thought processes, which can be advantageous for creativity.
Fahadh’s most recent film appearance was in the action movie “Aavesham,” which was a commercial success.


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