1st Avenue: Apartment rules violated, Registrar sends notice to AOA

Greater Noida West: The dispute between the residents and the Apartment Owners Association (AOA) on 1st Avenue located in Gaur City has deepened. Residents allege that the AOA ignored the rules of the Uttar Pradesh Apartment Act during the general AOA meeting.

Know the whole matter

The root of the dispute is related to a meeting held on March 3, in which the AOA went door-to-door to seek people’s consent instead of discussing the issue of giving voting rights to co-owners. According to the rules of the Apartment Act, the support of two or three residents present in the general body meeting is required to pass such a proposal. The residents complained about this matter to the Deputy Registrar, after which the Registrar sent a notice to the President of the AOA, questioning such activities and seeking clarification.

Election of AOA

Anonymous resident says, “The process of election of AOA is currently going on. They allege that the AOA in its meeting on March 3 unconstitutionally gave voting rights to the co-owners, disregarding the bylaws of the Apartment Act. Residents say that the AOA should give a detailed reply to the notice received from the Deputy Registrar and respect the rules. They have demanded that the provisions of the Apartment Act be followed.”


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